WAR Career and Renown Builder



Ornamental Weapon of Supremacy
Pendragon's Knot
Ornamental Weapon of Infamy
The Big Apple
Crest of the Ravenslayer
Razored Skinning Iron
Habiliment of Khaine
Exotic Animal Paw
Large Flavorful Clock
Skull on a Large Claw
Rat on a Large Hook
Warped Globe of Ascendance
Warped Globe of Malevolence
Symbol of the Great Horned Rat
Screaming Bell
Exotic Jade Torso
Exotic Silk Scarf
Exotic Jade Ball
Exotic Belt Pouch
Exotic Roped Runes
Exotic Jade Fan
Exotic Circles of Fate
Exotic Hooped Discs
Large Flavorful Bell
The Avatar's Ankh
Ritual Blade of Styx
Khalida's Medicinal Satchel
Fleshrender of Settra
Miniature Dagger of Glory
Stag Skull Trophy
Symbolic Token of Reverence
Screaming Skull
Pillaged Artifact of Anathema
Miniature Dagger of Tyranny
Scarab of Death
Bottomless Stein
Murder Fang
Winged Scorpion
Khalida's Stylus
Oil of Nephthys
Settra's Mirror
Khutep's Throwing Axe
Nehekharan Ritual Ornament
War Medal
War Mug
War Crystal
Herald's Signet
Harbinger's Signet
Asp Bone Construct
Tomb Swarm
Giant Scarab
Scarab Bone Construct
Tomb Scorpion
Ornament of Virtue
Bauble of Vice
Tomb Guard
Portable Gyro
Zeppelin Destroyer Medal
The Elven Star
Drinking Medal
Iron Apothecary Bottle, Green Liquid
The Tan Pouch
Emergency Keg
Turquoise Tome, Three gems
Dwarfen Spade
Empire Sun Emblem
Silver Heart Rank
Lesser Phoenix Order
The Heart of Vitae
Aqshy Candles
Bleached Skull
Goblin's 'Ead
Victim of Asavar Kul
Be'lakor's Grand Plan
Scorpion Dagger
Wolf's Skull
Orc Trophy
Children of our Lord
Dwarven Destroyer, One Pip
Butchering Blade, One Rivet
Unshaven Head
The Mutation
Nibbly Fungus
Special Shrooms
Armor Wot I Found
Mork (or Gork) Effigy
Vilecord Teeth
Corsair's Tools
The Dark Chalice
Dragonseye Pendant
Empire Eradicator, One Pip
Turquoise Tome, One gem
High Elf Eliminator, One Pip
Tzeen, Nurgh, Slaa
The Sunless Blades
The Rival's Trophy
Lore of the Witch King
Dangly Fing
Raven Pendant
Dhar Case
Canopic Jar of the Bone Asp Construct
Chaos Cleanser, One Pip
Canopic Jar of the Vulture Lord
Greenskin Grappler, One Pip
Oath Anvil
Incense Box
The Eagle
Sun Charm
Empire Bugle
Holy Codex
Brown Scavenging Pouch, One Gem
Canopic Jar of the Skeleton
The Midnight Talisman
Holy Relic
Runesmith, First Order
The Lore of the Winds
The Mark of the Bow
Weapon Upkeep Pouch
The Phoenix Ascended
Feedin' Time
Dark Hatchet
Bits Holda
Script of Tzeentch's Will
Karl's Limp Wrist
Hungering Eye of the Varg
Eatin' Fing
The Loathsome Phial
Raven's Skull
Flashing Knife
The Favor of the Crown
Rune of Dominion
Iron Cultivation Spade
Turquoise Tome, Two gems
Iron Quest Journal, One Gem
The Drink of Lions
Badge of the Towers
The Dragon Watcher
Red Skull Ribbon
My Gold MINE!
Badge of Valor
The Iron Rank
Dark Elf Destroyer, One Pip
Signaling Horn
Barbed Kahle
Snaegr's Gift
Changed Hatchet
Khazagi Raiding Ornament
Gurkhan's Faithful
Single Stake
Workbelt Pouch
The Tainted Claw
Skulls an' Choppas
The Witch's Gift
The Crimson Thirster
The Phoenix
Dragon Order
Ceremonial Blade
Traveller's Tome
Amulet of the Empire
Rune of Fortune
Aesling Tribal Gift
Stunty Bones
The Orb of Night
The Fearful Foolish
The Sharpening Blade
The Exenteration Blade
Dagger of Corruption
High Elf Eliminator, Two Pips
The Symbol of Khaine
Antique Gyroscope
Red Fire of Alteration Script
The Glory of the Lion
Rune of Battle
Iron Apothecary Bottle, Blue Liquid
The Lion's Brooch
The Ancient Flame
Miniature Anvil
The Map of the Winds
The Skinning Blade
The Hydra's Mark
The Sanguine Vial
The Hunter's Horn
Lit'l Bone Fing
Sturdy Blade
Trusty Hammer
Dark Elf Destroyer, Two Pips
The Brooch of Dawn
The Purple Pouch
The Khadhur Vision
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