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Bone WardUse: You have become shielded from your enemies and all attacks on you will no longer do critical damage nor will armor penetration affect you for the next 10 seconds.
Golden AnkhraUse: Absorbs up to 3515 magical damage for 20 seconds.
Golden Eye of Rah-NuttUse: Absorbs up to 3515 melee damage for 20 seconds.
Crook of RadianceUse: Attacks cannot be Parried or Blocked for 7 seconds.
Neferra's PlaguesUse: Attacks cannot be Dodged Disrupted or Blocked for 7 seconds.
Your Thoroughly Lobbed NogA small token of thanks for the renown earned by your enemy during the Night of Murder.
Scarab AmuletUse: Releases a Scarab Swarm
Horn of the Vale WolfUse: Summons a Hallow-Wolf pet.
Rod of ServiceUse: Calls your allies to service summoning them forth to defend the realms of Order! Increases the experience and renown gained by all groupmembers within 150 feet by 5% as long as you are in a group.
Charger's CharmUse: Your speed is increased by 40% for the next 20 seconds.
Notated Map of the Southern SandsYou've been scribbling notes on this map since your quest began. It serves as a memento of your accomplishments.
Captain's ChronometerUse: Check the time.
Ledger of LearnednessEquip: this book will double experience gained from killing monsters and players.
Starswirl Treatise on TimeEquip: this book will stop experience gained from killing monsters and players.
Becoming PopularEquip: this book will double renown gained from killing players.
Delancie's Guide to Public AffairsEquip: this book will double influence gained from killing monsters and players.
Captain’s ChronometerUse: Check the time.
Animal HornUse: You sound your horn announcing your presence to all around.
Wooden HornUse: You sound your horn announcing your presence to all around.
Tormentors BladeTwisted and barbed this blade seems to be well used
Gork DollPrized by the Orcs this doll makes a wonderful Waaagh
Toy AxeA childhood training toy axe. They start Choppas young these days.
Training OrbA training orb used by sorcerors to practice their craft
Chaos UnguideReading too much of this might be bad for one's sanity.
Strange BrewBottoms up?
Trainin' WhistleUsed by Squigherders to whistle for Squigs; they don't listen but they like blowing it anyways
Captured Lion EssenceLoud and bellowing this horn captures the essence of a White Lion
Discus TechFever inducing light show included
Mutated HandLook ma
Token of the CytharaiAn old war-tattered drawing of the Underworld Gods
Smoking SkullAlas poor Zealot I knew him well
Simpleton's Guide to RunesPlace rune A in slot B
Endless List of GrudgesIronbreakers never forget
Raven BonesAsk again later!
Bottled Anti-GravityWhat goes up must come down?
Magic TeefA Goblin Shaman's magic tooth shame it wasn't also his lucky tooth
Thumb UnguentYou have to protect your thumbs when you swing a big hammer
Revolting CrockA covered container full of the most pungent smelling food to have ever inhaled
Barrel of AleOne small drink for giantkind
GorduckenTuskgor stuffed with meats. Deliciously meaty.
Barbed WhipA barbed whip fashioned from mutated leather; whip it whip it good
Regurgitated TrinketYou clean and clean and it never gets everything off
Witch ArmorThis ribbon was part of or all of a witch elf's armor
Fear in a bottleIf you could save fear in a bottle it would look like this
Steamtrain tokenYou've got a token to ride
Spite AleA light bubbly ale the un-lager!
Semi-Lucky CharmIt must not have been that lucky if the last owner parted with it
Moldy Coin PurseAn animal fur coin purse now soiled and moldy
Mutated ClawIt keeps going and going
Flint StoneBecause even Bright Wizards have off-days
A Troll's Pet KittyA cat skeleton that was the fond pet of a troll
DarklightDesigned to help night goblins sleep during the day
Grave DustFrom Ashes to Ashes
Broken BowstringWot dis suppose' da do?
Shiny Metal ThingEngineers love metal parts of all kind no matter how useless.
Emergency MushroomSometimes even a Shaman needs backup
Putrid flowerA perfect gift for people you hate.
Sumfink Wot Looks TastyIt looks like it might be Squig food but you dare not taste it to find out
Ruined BookThis book looks like it was well used by the Archmage it was taken from
Broken SwordTaken from a Swordmaster this broken sword makes a great memento
Bird SeedSadly the purchaser did not ask how large the bird was
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